Clock Boy


There was once a Clock Boy.
Sitting on the top of a tall building
Standing still, showing the time
With his three gold arrows.

Boring work, he would say,
Clock Boy, on the tall building.
But he sat there anyway
Showing the time, still, still.

He had friends, our round boy;
Four big and beautiful bells
That would sing a song
Every hour of every day.

Four big gold bells, ladies
Chattering chattering,
Every minute, chattering,
And every hour singing.

One day Clock Boy got so bored;
His three gold arrows froze.
The clock ran tic, tac, tic, tac,
And eventually stopped.

The four bells fell silent.
No more chit-chattering.
No more sing-singing.
Clock Boy’s arrows had frozen.

Clock Boy came off the wall
He was sitting on, and fell,
Crashing on the ground,
Millions of golden fragments.

And his friends, the big bells,
Crackled, never to work again.
Their gold got wiped away.
Old, dirty, silent big bells.

Clock Boy’s tragic story
Taught nothing, to no one.
For another round gold clock
Took Clock Boy’s damned spot.




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